Beam With Joy Progress

Beam With Joy Progress

More Progress on Beam With Joy. I have changed the Database model from what it was previously to a relational database. This will allow for quicker queries, and easier data management.

I use the InnoDB Database type and setup foreign key constraints, this makes it so that data within tables can be linked, and if I update data in Table A, if the fields are linked in Table B or Table C they will also update automatically. This is by a process called CASCADE

I also have been heavily modifying the AJAX calls in the framework. I have created ways using my data parser to refresh logs, mark completed, mark uncompleted, remove, and move data to another project. Currently this is implemented within the Checkmarks system and the Log system.

Project Groups is another addition to the project manager, it supports the ability for multiple groups however single groups is the only thing that is enabled at the moment.

The next step is the Project Data, this system will allow adding of custom data in custom data categories to your projects. Examples of this include, FTP Information, Social Accounts, Copy to be posted, and other data can be added and arranged.

Me and a fellow developer have brainstormed and decided we are going to add a “time-machine” feature, which will save all edits and deletions in the database, so that you can peak

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