Beginning Video Editing Again

Beginning Video Editing Again

I am beginning video editing again, this time I am armed with new tools.

In the years that I have spent doing video editing I have run across and used every video editing tool known to man. Ulead, Adobe Premiere, Avid Express, Liquid, Edius, Windows Movie Maker, Razor, etc, etc

And from them, the best has been Edius. I’ve used Edius for about the last 2 years (though I haven’t had much to do with it). But now, I have a new tool.

Final Cut Pro

I finally broke down and bought an iMac, yes I know Windows guy using an iMac it’s sad. I love Windows and I still hate Mac, but gosh darn it, they have software I want that isn’t available on Windows. I bought an iMac and got a copy of Final Cut Pro and I’m going to starting my videos again. (Once I get my camera fixed or a new camera.)

I will be posting tutorials, articles, information etc on all aspects of Video editing and Motion Graphics. As well as advanced VFX (as I learn them) using software such as Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro, Maya, etc

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