Case Study: File Manager

Case Study: File Manager

Client wanted to be able to share documents with contractors, and allow those contractors to share that file and others with sub-contractors under them. Needed it to be extremely simple to work with, so he could manage the contractors, and they could manage their sub contractors without a lot of training.


Basic dashboard allows adding & selecting of folders on the left, I opted not to use AJAX to do the calls because of time constraints and budget of the client it was easier for me to have it physically go to another page.

The folders are setup as a database table, they have a name, created date, and link back to the contractor who created it.


Once you select a folder you are able to browse the files, delete them (if you are the owner) and click to download. There is also a control bar which allows you to delete the folder, edit the name, or share it.

Sharing a Folder

Sharing a folder is easy, simply share by email, which will check if that email is registered it simply links that sub contractor to the folder so they have access to view its contents.

If the email is not registered it sends an email to the email allowing them to register, and then links the folder to them once registered. The popup also allows the owner to remove access from contractors.

Uploading a File Uploading a file is also extremely simple, you can give it a friendly name, and then you simply choose the file to upload. Downloading the file doesn't link directly to the file so that the true path of the file is never given out, making it so people who shouldn't have access to the file cannot download it. Comments
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