Design Case Study - Integrated Engineering

Design Case Study - Integrated Engineering

Utilizing data gathered from Google Analytics for the past year, I spent several days going over where users were clicking, and which clicks lead to conversions. Using this data I created a design which puts the most important information above the fold, and moved less converting links lower on the page.

IE New Design Homepage Header

Shrinking the main logo and moving everything up allowed me to put more information above the fold for 90% of users. Increasing the length of the banner allows more information to appear on the banner, and allows that information to not seem cramped as it did previously.

Using the branded gray in the logo throughout the page, and having that gray get darker as the lower on the page you go, helps to draw you in to the site, and is pleasing to the eye.

IE New Design Homepage Content

Removing the left/right columns and creating a single column homepage allows for great control on featuring products/content on the homepage, and allows for bigger photos, and much more text to explain products, sales, and ideas.

IE Design Complete Comments
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