Essentially it could post a variety of information, such as a health bar, a na" />

Development Update

Development Update

I have been doing a lot of programming lately. I'm building an entity alert system. It is a panel that is in the middle of an entity that allows posting of "alerts".

Essentially it could post a variety of information, such as a health bar, a name, damage done, an effect icon, etc. It consists of 4 buckets. Left of the object, Top, Right of the object, and Center of the object. I'm running into an issue where the VGUI panel is not drawing models that are behind it, or that it "cuts" through as is visible above.

I'm also having an issue sending the alert panels from the server to the client, I can send text just fine and it will fill up the buckets, but I want to have greater control and send alert types (health bar, label, image, icon, etc)

I also enabled thirdperson and fixed an issue in the SDK where the model bends on the PITCH axis with the viewangles. So moving your view high up would cause the model to lay on the ground. I've done a fix however it seems to be jumping so I will continue to look at it.

The other big jump is the party, creating one of the playable npc's will add it to your party, you can switch to it and the player will move to that entities position, I'm having an issue hiding the NPC, it hides, but still casts a shadow and moves, I think I will simply remove the entity completely, and upon switching to another NPC, spawn it again and assign it the position, angles, health, animation state and other variables.

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