Created this using Photoshop, took around 4 hours. I used a new technique to cutout the images, using the mask Refine Edge tool. It is really powerful and allowed me to cut stuff out much quicker, and look a lot better.

Here is the source image I started with:

Bryttan Original

I cropped my wife out of the image, and then post-processed it and added in a variety of textures. I got an image of a forest with a really awesome looking tree in it, and set to work cutting that out. I then cropped, and post-processed the tree image.

For the clouds I used a few pictures we had taken down in Moab, and using my new Mask method I was able to get some pretty good looking masks.

I then used a custom brush I made for a lot of the little dots and specks. And the final tweaks were done including color corrections adding in lens flares and glowing little bits, and of course the text.


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