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I started this website a month and a half ago, completely from scratch, as an SEO experiment and as a favor to my Fiancé’s family. They did not know I wa" />

Helping A Local Business With SEO

Helping A Local Business With SEO

Utah Mattress

I started this website a month and a half ago, completely from scratch, as an SEO experiment and as a favor to my Fiancé’s family. They did not know I was making the website, or was planning on making one, or anything of the sort. I simply wanted their volume of calls to increase dramatically and have no reason how that happened.

Originally I had purchased 3 domains, all targeting local keywords which would lead back to the main domain, which is a broader local keyword. It is very important, when targeting local SEO to have your domain contain your local key term as well as your product/service key term. I had to create the entire site without aid from them as I wanted it to be a complete surprise, so I had to research and write all the content myself. The important part of writing content is…content. Do not over-do the keywords, do not steal content from others, everything must be unique, and the more content there is the better.

Stage One

Initially I started with a 4 page site. Homepage, About Us Page, Inventory Page, and Contact Us. The homepage had a few call to actions, the phone number big and large (as the goal is to get them to call) a small contact form, a paragraph of text giving an overview of the company and the site and some latest promotions and sales.

The About us page expanded on the homepage text by providing a more in-depth look at the company and allowing for a lot more use of local keywords as well as product keywords. The Inventory page..initially had no content other than a coming soon, as I had no information on exactly what they carried other than the KSL ads they were posting. So that part had to come later. The goal is to get something up and starting to get ranked as soon as possible.

The contact us page allowed a chance to post directions, information on contacting them, and a CTA with a contact form.

All the content on the site was directed towards calling, call for latest prices, call for latest stock, call for more information, it is very important to stress a point without over-stressing a point. And my overall goal is to get them to call in.

I setup a tracking number so that I personally could track how many calls were coming from the website, and my good friends over at WiWorks helped me out. http://www.wiworksinc.com/call-tracking.php With the call tracking I could see how many people were calling, what times were peak times, etc. And if I got multiple call tracking numbers I could see which numbers on the site got the highest hits and start moving content around to reflect the best available options for generating leads.

Make sure you install analytics on your site. They are needed to see how your site grows and performs.

Stage Two

After I got the initial content and the site laid out, I started focusing on aesthetics, as we don’t want just search bots looking at our website. So I did a redesign, added pretty flowers, and gradients. The important thing about design is KEEP IT MINIMAL! Do not overdo the graphics. You need FAST load times, both for SEO purposes and for general use of the website. Sites with HUGE amounts of graphics and large assets will not generate leads.

I then expanded on the content, originally I focused on mattresses only, but I wanted to expand on furniture. I redesigned the main CTA section of the site to allow bullet points of easy-access information that I wanted the customer to view. You have 7 seconds to capture their attention, as the average user spends 7-8 seconds viewing a page looking for what they want before they leave.

I added several CTA’s targeting both mattresses and furniture. It is important to note that the CTA’s need to appear above the fold for them to be effective. You lose out on up to 50% of clicks if you design for resolutions bigger than 1024X768, and you’ll continue to lose potential leads the large the resolution you choose to have your site at. I suggest staying around 1024X768, but I personally design for 800X600. There is a lot you can do in a little space, and you are guaranteed to get the optimum number of clicks.

Using Keyword Research Tools and my own general knowledge of how search engines work, I re-wrote a lot of the content, meta-tags and alt-tags to better help my keyword efforts. And it greatly paid off. Within a week I climbed to the first page for a lot of my top terms.

I then started adding my site to directories and blogs to get inbound links. Inbound links are very very important to SEO. The more, relative inbound links you get, the better your site will rank for your terms.

In a month and a half, I generated 86 Calls, received 800 unique vistors to the site, and over 4200 page views. In just a short amount of time, I crawled to the top of the search engines for selected terms, and have made a big impact in a local business. More than half of those calls led to sales, and 40+ sales is a great big help, especially in these hard economic times.

Stage Three and the Future

SEO Is an organic process. It is constantly changing, and constantly evolving, and you have to continue to update content, add pages, and get inbound and outbound links. I constantly try new things, add new content, update old content, and update CTA’s and CTA placement to see what converts the best.

The best thing you can do is constantly add content and keep your site dynamic and alive, while keeping it user friendly and accesible.

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