Hudson & PHP, A Great Combo

Hudson & PHP, A Great Combo

I recently heard about a continuous integration program called “Hudson” that my Brother has been using at his work. I looked into it for PHP uses, and found a wonderful guide on setting it up, and setting up the necessary PHP tools to use all that Hudson has to offer.

That guide is available at:

It is an incredibly powerful tool, and allows for a lot of customization. I installed it on my Jboss Server in under an hour, and installed and compiled all the PHP requirements in another hour or so. Hudson even now ships with a plugin called XUnit which takes over the phpunit in the ant build script.

Hudson integrates with git-hub, and SVN (and probably other repositories with plugins), and is really one of the best tools I’ve used for streamlines builds. It is integrated right into netbeans, and I can commit my code and send a build request to hudson which automatically creates the PHP documentation, the svn revisions are documented in the build log, and shows several reports to me when it is done (all of this I can monitor right in NetBeans, quite awesome actually)

For those of you who always find it a pain to have a streamlined build process, or for those who work on multiple machines, this tool is really helpful, I have found that working from SVN and using Hudson I can do streamlined builds (and have multiple people do streamlined builds) easily and efficiently.

I’m still learning all that hudson can do, but so far I am impressed.

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