Level Design - Mines

Level Design - Mines

Today I began creating one of the first levels of the game. This is after the initial opening of the game. You are going to be inside of a mine with a bunch of survivors, and are tasked with helping to lead them through the mountain.

You actually will get separated from them very quickly within the game, by going down a path you weren't supposed to. The mine shaft has been closed since the "incident" which took the lives of a lot of miners, I don't want it to be too dialog heavy, but there is going to be a lot of backstory and explaining about what happened there. You will end up seeing a light/movement through the closed off portion, and end up going through, and a shift in the earth will cause the mine to collapse cutting you off from the rest of the survivors, and will be forced to go the next section of game completely alone.

Mine 1

I came up with the idea of having a mining track that is above you, instead of on the ground. There is a single track that mine carts will hang on and glide down.

Once I get the basic level layed out, and the gameplay elements in there (Triggers, puzzles, enemies etc) I'll begin on the asset creation, as well as Level detailing, where I will go through and create the displacement maps, add in the props, and texture and light the entire scene.

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