One of the first elements I wanted to add in, was one of my favorite fe" />

Programming A Party

Programming A Party

I got the mod created and successfully compiled, we are doing a "Mod from Scratch" so there was a bit of tinkering with it to get it to properly work and launch from steam.

One of the first elements I wanted to add in, was one of my favorite features from the older mod that I made, and that is the Party/Battle system.

The basic idea is that at any time you can switch which character you are in control of by using (by default) the keys "[" and "]", to quickly cycle through the characters. Everytime you switch characters the AI automatically takes over the previous character you were controlling. That way during intense battles you can quickly switch in realtime to any other player and use their items, special abilities, etc.

I've have the basic structures down, and all the logic is in my head, one of the big tasks ahead of me is stripping out all of the unneeded code from the player, and create my own Elements Player class, and switch the game from using hl2_player to elements_player. That way I can build up, instead of constantly trying to modify hl2_player for my needs. I can strip out all of the suit charging, weapon holding, etc, and get it back to pretty much CBasePlayer. This will involve removing a lot of other elements that rely on certain hl2_player functions.

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