Programming - Party

Programming - Party

I finished the implementation of the Elements player class, and created a custom Elements GameRules class to take over from HalfLife2.

I got the Party Object to successfully be networked from server to client, and started the foundation for multiple player types. (Depending on who is in control, your abilities, weapons, etc, all change.

Next steps are to create dummy NPCs to take over for the other characters in the party, and implement the switching actions, which creates an NPC at your current position based on which character you are currently playing as, and then changes to the next character in queue, removing that npc, and putting you in their place. Eventually the camera will automate and move to the next player, but for now I'll just have it fade in to the new place quickly.

I also want to begin on the HUD, the simplicity of the HUD Concept should be pretty easy to integrate.

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