Seo Friendly Framework

I have created a truly SEO friendly PHP Framework from the ground up. My background has always been heavy PHP Web Development but for the last 3 years I have worked on SEO projects and it has inspried me to build something truly revolutionary.

Most PHP Frameworks out there claim to be SEO friendly, and they might indeed be, but the problem with them is they were built to be robust first, SEO was added in later. This usually leads to bloated code, invalid markup, or not all the SEO flexibility one might need. They may be truly powerful frameworks for web applications, but for SEO they lack in simplicity and the lightweight that can really help put a website ahead.

The Virge Framework

The Virge Framework is a PHP Framework I have developed and has overgone many revisions and deletions and re-archtecturizing (it is important to always invent words).

It follows a MVC Paradigm and has been built to allow the most flexibilty with powerful features. It allows true SEO Freedom. You can change every url of every page, all titles, tags, meta data, javascript, HTML, custom layouts and templates it is lightweight and fast loading. As a PHP framework it has the flexibility of being a simple CMS site to an entire project management system, social networking tool, and is currently powering a text message marketing system that is being used throughout the world.

How do I get it?

I am continually improving the framework and it changes so rapidly day to day that it is currently unreleased at the moment. As soon as I get a stable solid 1.0 where the framework is more fully defined and I won't suddenly change the architecture on a whim to see if it will be better...then it will be released. Any interested parties however are welcome to contact me at