Text Message Verification

Text Message Verification

For one of the products I'm building I had to add in Text Message Verification, that is you add in your mobile number, it texts you a 4-5 digit code, you type it in the box, and your mobile phone is verified. Pretty easy, but I thought I'd explain my process.

Essentially I use a random identifier string of 5 characters that is generated when they visit the page and is saved to their user and is then sent to their phone. There is a button to resend the text, and I added it in so you can't resend it more than 3 times, this will prevent someone from abusing the system if it is not their mobile number.

Once they enter in the correct code it unlocks their account and lets them use the application. It really is very very simple but hey, it’s what I just did and felt like blogging about.


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